Point and Click Transaction Monitoring

Simply point and click to create single and multi-step monitoring scripts with DejaClick by SmartBear - the first inside-the-browser transaction recorder. There’s no coding required - DejaClick records every click, hover, input and interaction to quickly build the scripts needed for transactional monitoring. Upload recorded transactions directly from the browser to the AlertSite service and begin monitoring in minutes from over 80 locations worldwide. 

Real Browser Testing & Data

Accurately measure and manage your application performance across the latest versions of FireFox, Internet Explorer and Chrome to quickly identify browser-specific issues and focus optimization efforts. Generate real data from real browsers across our global monitoring network to diagnose and address the client-side performance bottlenecks unique to each. 

Visual UX Monitoring

Empirically measure user experience to bridge the gap between technical web performance data and how visitors actually perceive the page rendering in the browser. AlertSite’s Visual User Experience Monitoring video processes pages as they render to capture what visitors see at two key points - when the human eye first sees the page’s pixels and again when all the ‘above-the-fold’ content is displayed. Leverage this data to focus optimization efforts on areas where improvement will immediately impact visitors' perceptions of speed and enhance the user experience. 

Proactive Alerting

AlertSite’s robust notification system will not only warn you of single and multiple execution failures but also allows you to set rules based alerts where you define acceptable performance levels - enabling you to stay ahead of the next slowdown or outage. Receive phone, pager, text, or email messages as soon as Web performance drops below acceptable levels and resolve issues before customers and revenue are affected.