Track Application Availability & Uptime

Applications are core to business operations and each second of a slowdown or outage hurts revenue and damages the user experience. Slowdowns occur 10 times more often than outages, resulting in twice the business impact.  AlertSite UXM lets you pay close attention to Performance without forgetting basic functionality.  Monitor across 80 global locations to catch performance bottlenecks and monitor basic IP protocols. Receive real-time notifications whether it’s a bottleneck in a particular location, or a breakdown in a functional service so that issues are resolved before business is impacted.

Understand What Real Users Experience

Every user is a little different- it is critical to understand their experience regardless of where they are located or what device or browser they are using. AlertSite UXM measures the performance of the browser and shows you what the user sees at critical junctures. Accurately measure and manage application performance across the latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome; emulate mobile devices, and ensure mobile site appearance. AlertSite helps you identify browser-specific issues and focus optimization efforts.

Monitor 3rd Party Services & APIs

Applications are no longer created and delivered all by one team.  They are a combination of off-the-shelf components, open source widgets, API connections and a variety of third-party services.  AlertSite Monitors not only  the response times from third parties such as CDN’s, shopping carts or mobile apps, but the API’s that are the connective tissue.  This insight gives you greater control of your application performance and the means to find and fix problems quickly

Bring Operations & Development together

AlertSite UXM provides a unified SaaS platform for test, monitoring, and root cause analysis. As a result development, QA, operations and business teams can all work from the same data, and easily collaborate to reduce the time to find and resolve issues. Seeing a problem is one thing- the ability to see precisely where it is and show it to team members is the difference between fixing it before your customers know there is a problem and fixing it after your boss calls you.

No Professional Services Needed

AlertSite is a SaaS based platform that is lightweight and easy to deploy.  Instrumenting your applications is 5 steps and takes less than 5 minutes. The in browser script recorder does not require any coding, even for complex transactions, so you can get started monitoring your applications with just a few clicks of the mouse.