AlertSite UXM capabilities

Speed & Performance Monitoring

Whether a result of internal issues or 3rd party content every second of a slowdown or outage hurts revenue and damages the user experience. Research shows that slowdowns occur 10 times more often than outages, resulting in twice the business impact. So while availability is less of concern today, performance still requires close attention. AlertSite enables you to monitor your site across 80 global locations to catch performance bottlenecks and notify you before users and revenue are affected.

  • Visual User Experience Monitoring

    Visual User Experience Monitoring

    Empirically measure user experience to discover where to optimize your page to immediately improve visitor perceptions of speed
  • Cross Browser Testing

    Cross Browser Testing

    Test performance across real IE, Chrome and FireFox browsers to ensure an optimal user experience on each
  • Google Analytics Integration

    Google Analytics Integration

    Measure the relationship between traffic and performance with Google Analytics integration
  • Monitor 3rd Party Content

    Monitor 3rd Party Content

    Measure the performance of 3rd Party Content to better understand its affect on the user experience

Real Transaction Monitoring

Monitor every actual transaction for each instrumented application server.  Views by application, user interaction and resource show you the impact of performance problems on actual users. Easily identify where in the infrastructure your problem originates; trace any problematic transactions down to the code level for root cause identification. This eliminates finger pointing, time spent reproducing problems, and reduces mean time to repair.

Transaction Tracing

Transaction Tracing monitors the server side of your synthetic transaction: showing the full path across all tiers, including browser, third party, network, web server, and back-end tiers and providing full visibility.  “Hot Decompilation” even decompiles the code in real-time without interrupting production.

Basic Availability Monitoring

Websites have matured into vast online ecosystems where numerous internal and 3rd party components work in unison to deliver a cohesive user experience - but basic IP services are still required to deliver the best online experience. AlertSite enables you to monitor basic IP protocols and receive real-time notifications when functionalities breakdown to resolve issues before business is impacted.

  • Monitor HTTP and HTTPS

    Monitor HTTP and HTTPS

    Monitor Web and secure Web pages
  • Ensure Email Availability

    Ensure Email Availability

    Monitor all the protocols of round-trip email
  • Oversee Network Services

    Oversee Network Services

    Monitor the availability of network service like DNS, TCP connect, FTPs and more
  • Ping the Firewall and Devices

    Ping the Firewall and Devices

    Ping firewalls and devices to ensure they are available

Point & Click Transaction Recording

Record and monitor business-critical Web processes like site log-ins and checkouts to ensure a positive user experience. Simply point and click to easily create monitoring scripts with DejaClick by SmartBear - the first inside-the-browser transaction recorder. There’s no coding required - DejaClick records every click, hover, input and interaction to quickly build the scripts to monitor even your most complex transactions.


Mobile Monitoring

The growth and revenue potential of the mobile Web has made mobile performance monitoring necessity across all business verticals. AlertSite allows you to ensure an optimal mobile site experience by emulating today’s most popular devices for monitoring your mobile sites and transactions. Know when mobile performance is suffering and address the problem before customers are impacted.

  • Global Reach

    Global Reach

    Monitor mobile sites and transactions from over 80 global locations and select over-the-air carriers
  • Mobile Device Emulation

    Mobile Device Emulation

    Emulate today’s most popular iOS, Android and Blackberry devices to better understand and optimize the user experience on each
  • Mobile Transaction Monitoring

    Mobile Transaction Monitoring

    Use DejaClick to build and monitor single and multi-step mobile transactions
  • Ensure Mobile Site Appearance

    Ensure Mobile Site Appearance

    Verify the look and appearance of mobile sites before deploying or pushing updates live

API Monitoring

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have fundamentally changed how things are done on the Web - gone are the days of developing one-off, in-application solutions for common Web processes. APIs connect applications, enabling them to leverage their respective functionalities, reducing development time and increasing productivity. As a result we’re seeing the promise of a Web based on Service Oriented Architecture take shape – AlertSite allows you to monitor the APIs making this possible to ensure they deliver an optimal experience at the user level.

  • Ensure Internal API Quality

    Ensure Internal API Quality

    Monitor internal APIs pre and post-deployment
  • Accurate & Objective Measurements

    Accurate & Objective Measurements

    Objectively measure API performance for SLAs and contractual agreements with business partners
  • Leverage Current soapUI Projects

    Leverage Current soapUI Projects

    Use scripts already built in soapUI for monitoring APIs in AlertSite
  • API Monitoring for Mobile Apps

    API Monitoring for Mobile Apps

    Mobile apps are the navigation containers that allow APIs to deliver data and content to the user – AlertSite enables you to monitor the APIs powering your mobile applications

SLA Monitoring

In many cases you not only need to understand performance and availability but also prove it to customers and management. AlertSite SLA Monitoring enables you to measure and report on SLA compliance, correlate errors across various locations, monitor true uptime and direct Web resources to ensure you are meeting targeted service levels.

  • Uptime Error Correlation Technology

    Uptime Error Correlation Technology

    Correlate errors across multiple locations in real time to let you receive alerts when an error is detected in all monitoring locations simultaneously
  • Test URLs Simultaneously

    Test URLs Simultaneously

    Simultaneously test URLs as often as every minute from over 80 global locations to monitor service levels
  • Customizable Monitoring

    Customizable Monitoring

    Define service level objectives, operating periods and compliance reporting exclusions

Dynamic Alerts & Reporting

AlertSite’s notification and reporting features allow you to identify problems and execute on solutions rooted in reliable data. Receive real time alerts in the event of single or multiple execution failures and stay ahead of the next slowdown or outage by establishing rules based notifications to warn you when site performance slips below minimum levels. Gain ready access to the reports needed to effectively communicate with key business units and stakeholders.

  • Report Center
  • Performance Threshold Alerts

    Performance Threshold Alerts

    Set static and dynamic performance thresholds to receive alerts when performance slips below what you’ve defined as acceptable levels
  • Customizable Notifications

    Customizable Notifications

    Set alerts to notify different team members at different times in the escalation process
  • Multiple Notification Methods

    Multiple Notification Methods

    Receive outage and performance alerts via email, phone, pager and SMS text

Behind-the-Firewall Monitoring

Bring your monitoring reach inside the firewall with AlertSite InSite, a private monitoring station installed inside the datacenter. Create a 360-degree view of performance by monitoring business-critical internal applications, APIs and location specific data otherwise inaccessible over the public Internet.

  • Internal Performance Monitoring

    Internal Performance Monitoring

    Gain unprecedented visibility into internal performance
  • Locate Slowdowns Faster

    Locate Slowdowns Faster

    Compare metrics from inside and outside the firewall to quickly locate performance issues
  • Objective Client Data

    Objective Client Data

    Deploy internally or at client locations to generate objective performance and availability data to better manage SLAs